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It has been awhile since I have posted anything. So I will give an update. 

As of this past Monday, I found out I am expecting baby #2. I will be due in June, 15 months after my first baby was born. I am not really sure what God’s plan is, but I have no choice to follow his lead. I didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly, which makes me feel sad because people try for years before they get pregnant. I get knocked up 6 months after giving birth. Not that I am not grateful for such a blessing, I just wish it came after I finished school, which, by the way, I am still classified as a freshman because I have less than 30 credits.

This time around I am going with a midwife. It sucks that I didn’t with my first, but I  guess that was a learning experience. The main reason I am shopping for a midwife is because I want a natural birth. Midwives are more patient than OB’s. I had a c-section the first time, but I know if I go to an OB they will tell me I have to have another one. I am also going to become a stay-at-home-mom. As much as it would be great to be home all the time, its going to suck. We can’t afford child care for two kids. So now its crunch time. I have 8 months to develop a clientele for my crochet business. Yea, I have had a few people buy from me. But only 2 of them weren’t considered family. Now I need to work harder and faster than ever to build an inventory. I have an Etsy page with views but no sales. That does not pay the bills. So I have a few ideas to try out. 

I wrote a short story. I am going to submit it to the Writer’s Digest contest. I feel it is the best this I have written so far.

I am going back to school in January. Obviously online classes are not for me so I have no choice but to go on campus. Another reason I need to build inventory. Between 2 kids and school I will barely have time for anything else. I see no sleep ever in my future. But I do it for my kids.

Until next time. Please visit my shop

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